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[alice nine fanfic] Shadowplay chapter1

Title: Shadowplay
Author: Mizuki
Band: Alice Nine
Pairing: none in this chapter
Warning: yaoi=guy loves another guy, don’t like don’t read
Genre: AU, supernatural, slight horror. Let’s have some plushy toys horror!
Summary: A mysterious encounter, and an outcome no one could foresee.
Note: It’s a gift to Jun, and she's the one who created the banner of this story!
Disclaimer: the members of Alice Nine and the other jrockers being mentioned in this story belong entirely to themselves.
Note 2: A few years ago I wrote a Reita/Ruki’s horror story featuring teddy bear, after that I’ve always wanted to write similar story like that one, and now I’m at it, this time the story may feature evil plushy toys, ghosts and a haunted house, and I know I’m going to LOL so much when I write this story, hehehe.

part 1
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