++Mizuki++ (vampire_kiki) wrote in jrock_fanfics,

alice nine fanfic: Cross Game part 41

Title: Cross Game
Authors: Mizuki and Jun
Beta: Kuni Klein, gazerockyo, zuou, and now miriam1988 (Miriam)
Band: Alice Nine and others
Rating: R to NC-17
Genre: mpreg and romance what I hope is comedy
Pairings: Tora/Saga, Shou/Saga and hint of other pairings
Warning: smut, mpreg and angst
Dedication: it’s a request for my friend cream4me, who provided the basic plot.
Summary: Just looked at what had happened to him the last time he let his guard down when Tora was around, was enough a lesson to teach him the otherwise.

Part 31, Part 32, Part33, Part 34 , Part 35, Part36, part 37, Part 38, Part 39, Part 40, Part 41
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