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10 DAYS - The GazettE - AoixUruha ReitaxKaixReita

Title: 10 Days
Author: [info]nekoziruishi
Genre: comedy, romance
Bands: The GazettE
Pairing: AoixUruha
Warinings: malexmale, mention of sex,
Rating: PG (for now)
Discalimer: Sadly enough I still don't own them, but I'm not giving up! and also everything I wrote is a mere FICTION.
-Mh...then wanna make a bet?-
-What kind of bet?-
-Let's put it this way, you, Kouyou Takashima, are so in love with me, but you have yet to realize that-
Uruha rolled his eyes and sighed, sometimes Aoi just knew how to be cocky, but, unfortunately for him, that little clench at his stomach made him remember just how most of the times Yuu's intuitions were proven right.
-But I could be wrong, that's why I'm proposing you this-
-Ten days, give me ten days to prove you that you can't live without me

Chapter 2:

Chapter 1:
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